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Air Duct Cleaning Services

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is duct cleaning so important?
Over a number of years the debris that accumulates in your ducts from things such as dirt, dust, and allergens can result in up to three inches of filth. This is why it is important to get your ducts cleaned at least once every four years. This will also help avoid problems such as mold and bacteria growth, which can cause breathing problems and illness for you and your family. The cleaner your ducts are, the better the quality of the air you are breathing.
2. What is involved in having my ducts cleaned? USA Air Duct Cleaning Services Technicians will use specially designed tools and an industrial style vacuum to scrape and suck up the dirt, dust, and other debris from your ducts. The vacuum will keep particles from entering your living space and the tools will remove debris from the ducts, making them clean and breathable again. Mold inhibiting agents may also be applied if needed and the air conditioner and furnace components should also be air washed during the cleaning process.

3. I'm worried about damage to my air conditioner or furnace. Should I be?
No. As a matter of fact, your cooling and heating system will actually run more efficiently, meaning it will actually help your system. The specialized tools that are used are made to do the job without doing any damage to your property.

4. Do I need duct cleaning if my home is new?  

Yes. There is a high probability that your ducts could have built up debris from drywall dust and other materials used during the construction process. Having your ducts cleaned is a key to having a healthy home, and this is especially important when you are starting out in a new home.

5. Will clean ducts mean less dust in my house too?

Absolutely! Since your ducts act as a circulation unit for the air in your home, if there is no dust in the ducts, there will be no dust in your home.

6. Why do I need a duct cleaning if my new furnace is clean?

Your furnace may be clean and new, but your ducts are still going to have the build up that existed before. Since your new system will likely be more powerful than your old one, you will now be blowing the debris in the ducts throughout the house. This is why duct cleaning should be considered every time a new air conditioning or heating system is installed.

7. Can duct cleaning really help my allergies?

This isn't a proven medical fact, but considering clean ducts mean less pet dander, pollen, dust mites and other allergens, it is likely that any allergy symptoms would decrease.

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We Offer:

1. Unlimited vent cleaning 
    (Residential based on 1 system)
2. Clean supply and return lines

3. Clean all registers and vents

4. Air blow all registers out

5. Blow fan motor out

6. A/C coil cleaning

7. Bathroom fan
8. Dryer vent cleaning

9. Organic sanitation

10. Inspect vents for any hazard materials

11. Inspect for closed dampers.

12. Truck mount and air brush
13. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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