Additional Services:

  • Check for closed dampers
  • Repair broken or rusty ductwork
  • Fabricate custom ductwork
  • Install New duct work and 
  • Carpet cleaning
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Dryer Vent Cleaning 
When your dryer vents are clogged up with lint, your clothes take longer to dry, costing you more money on energy. What you don't see, could hurt you. Lint build-up inside your dryer can come in contact with the heating element of the dryer and cause a fire.

Birds sometimes build their nests in outside dryer vent entry. We can install bird guards or hockey mesh covers to keep the birds out.

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Save money on
​energy bills!

Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia metro area

WHY USA Air Duct

1. Unlimited vent cleaning 
    (Res. based on 1 system)

2. Clean supply and return lines

3. Clean all registers and vents

4. Air blow all registers out

5. Blow fan motor out

6. A/C coli cleaning

7. Bathroom fan
8. Dryer vent cleaning

9. Organic sanitation

10. Inspect vents for any hazard materials

11. Inspect for closed dampers.

12. Truck mount and air brush
13. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

​Cost $299
FREE Bird Screen with purchase ($150 Value)

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